Discover handmade natural products

Browse through our handmade product world and get an idea of the variety we offer here. Let yourself be carried away into a world of fragrances, oils, vitamins & special plant extracts …


Handmade natural products made from the finest vegetal essential oils and fats.

They are handmade in the most gentle way and no animal ingredients are used. Likewise, we attach great importance to sustainability. As a result, our soaps contain no palm oil, are vegan and are produced CO2 neutral and energy autonomous.

Feel the difference: young, young-at-heart and mature skin are equally cared for by our handmade natural products. The refatting and nourishing properties of our soaps provide a pleasant feeling on the skin. The soap enclosing bio-film is made of organic corn starch and is therefore 100% compostable.

BIO natural soaps

Our BIO natural soaps are the bedrock of Alpine Cosmetics.

Natural soaps

With natural oils, vitamins and more we provide well-being!

Felt soaps

Wrapped in a natural sheepskin felt, they are true cleaning champions!

Gifts and sets

The somewhat different gift – genuine, fresh, pure & domestic

Suitable for any occasion are our gift offers. With the various gift boxes you have the opportunity to please your loved ones.

Experience more than “just” the joy of giving: sustainability in the sense of our environment.

Individual branding or a personal fragrance? We make your wishes come true.

Gift boxes

Give a gift or be given a gift – enjoy a wide variety of options!

Gift bag

Small but mighty! Combined with a lot of heart & lovingly packaged.


Gift sets

Natural, sustainable products & materials put together in a variety of ways.

Austrian pine box

With our box you have the possibility to give a special attention.


The scent of the Alps for your home!

Our cosmetic, handmade natural products such as the bath salts, room fragrances or pure essential oils, create a unique sense of well-being and let nature come into the house.

We serve other needs with our sustainable, handmade natural products like the soap trays & dishes made from local woods or the scented candles made from recycled materials. With the cleaning products we also fight stubborn in a natural way.

Bath salts rose

Bath salts

They pamper with the scent of high quality oils & have an effect on body and soul.

Essential oils

Our natural oils bring the freshness of nature to your home.

Duftkerze Lavendel

Scented candles

Your very own piece of naturalness with gentle essences from the local nature.

Seifenablage mit Schlitzen & Seifenschale für Alpine Harmony & Badesalz

Soap Tray & Dish

The natural materials with simple design make the overall picture of our natural soaps complete.


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